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What accommodation should I choose?

"What accommodation should I choose for my stay in Montpellier? An independant apartment, or sharing life with French people... whom I don't know?"

Yes, the choice is difficult and depends on each person's personality. For some people, as an adult, sharing daily life with a stranger might be difficult. But it can also become a rewarding experience and a great opportunity to create an authentic relationship. You will discover how French people really live by participating in such everyday activities as setting the table, sharing a meal or maybe cooking with your host. And don't worry: I've very carefully selected the Méditerranez-vous hosts, based on their desire to share time with foreigners like you. Especially if you choose the option "Homestay, with full immersion" with your host family, they will introduce you to their world, have you meet their friends, and chat with you... But, of course, it's a two-way thing, so it's also up to you to play the game to integrate your new home ! 

The housing and rooms have more or less the same level of comfort (bed, wi-fi, etc.). Some are perhaps a bit more "luxurious" (with a pool, for example), but they have the disadvantage of being further from the downtown area and the school. At Méditerranez-vous, what justifies the price difference is the time that your host will spend with you and the time that you'll speak French with him or her.

Accommodation is from Saturday to Saturday.

The hosts live in Montpellier (some even just next to the school), or in nearby suburbs (you can get to their homes easily by public transportation). 

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Homestay, with full immersion

The best option to practice French assiduously! In this option, your host makes you part of his/her life, introduces you to friends, and takes you on outings. More than just accommodation, it's total immersion into French culture that's offered!

A unique experience.

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Homestay, with breakfast and dinner

The basic option. You share daily life with a French person and have the opportunity to talk with him/her during the meals.

Your evenings are free after dinner.  

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Homestay, with breakfast

A "homestay lite" that will give you a glance of the daily life of the French, while leaving you a lot of independence.

Recommended for those who want to discover French restaurants (because you won't be able to cook at your host's home).

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Homestay, self-catering

The low-budget option. Your host simply makes a bed available to you, and you're then totally independent.

You may use the kitchen during certain hours your host agrees to.

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At a hotel

And, of course, the traditional option: at a hotel! 

Méditerranez-vous has selected 2 charming, very French hotels for you, 10 min. by foot from the school: the Hôtel des Arceaux  and the Hôtel du Palais. 

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