Intensive course: 28 modules of 45 min. / week

  • French classes in the classroom in the morning
  • Lunches at a restaurant with your teacher

You prefer French courses in a classroom situation only... In this course, you will do many oral activities, a bit of writing, grammar, and vocabulary. You will learn how to communicate effectively in situations and discussions in daily life.

The classes are held only in the morning. You will have afternoons free to discover Montpellier and its region, or you can also combine this course with optional classes in the afternoon. 

> Optional classes

One-to-one lessons 

Being alone with your teacher, you have the opportunity to work more specifically on what you need.

Conversation with French people 

Meet a French person and talk with him or her! A great opportunity to practice your French in a "real-life situation". The people you will meet are not teachers: they are "ordinary" people, carefully selected based on their desire to meet and talk with foreigners like you. You will meet them in the place of their choice, a café, a park, at home or at their workplace. A unique opportunity to have a long conversation with nice French people! 


Full info

> courses of 1 or 2 weeks
> 3 to 7 students per class
> 3 levels: 
  • semi-beginner (level A1+/A2)
  • intermediate (level B1)
  • advanced (level B2/C1)
> dates in 2020 :

See course schedule

If the dates don't suit you, ask for a Course on request (see here)

> duration of a course :
  • flexible number of weeks : September to June
  • 2-week or 3-week courses : July and August
> timetable:
  • Monday to Friday, 9:00 am to 12:20 pm: general French classes
  • Monday to Thursday, 12:20 to 14:00: lunches with your teacher (conversation classes)
> prix:  
  • 390€/week 
  • No registration fee
  • The price does not include the meals with the teacher. 
> optional afternoon classes:
  • One-to-one lessons: 1 lesson (45min.): 50€;  pack of 6 lessons: 280€
  • Conversation with French people: 1 meeting of 1,5 hours: 110€; pack of 3 meetings of 1,5 hours: 300€