Course on request

None of the scheduled courses suit you, or you have a specific request (for instance : You want a one-to-one or two-to-one course ; you are a teacher of French, and you want to come to Montpellier with your students ; you are an interpreter, and you want a different course than the scheduled one ; you are a complete beginner ; you have to study for a test, etc...)

Méditerranez-vous can propose you an "à la carte" course. Together, we’ll develop a program that’s fully adapted to your needs, with the number of lessons per week that you wish. 

You can also combine this course with the Conversation with French people option and so, build your own personnal "Immersion course".

> Conversation with French people

You will meet a French person and talk with him or her. It's a great opportunity to practice your French in a "real-life situation". The people you will meet are not teachers: they are "ordinary" people, carefully selected based on their desire to meet and talk with foreigners like you. You will meet them at the place on their choice, a café, a park, at home or at their workplace. A unique opportunity to have a long conversation with nice French people ! 





Full info

> dates in 2020: 

The courses on request can be held throughout the year, except during some specific weeks (see course schedule) and subject to availability.

> level:
  • All levels
> timetable:
  • You're the one who decides!
> price:
  • Depending on your requests (lunches with your teacher, cultural activities, etc.), there may be a registration fee for this course.
  • 45-min. lesson: 52€/person; 35€/person for a group of 2
  • Pack of 10 lessons of 45 min.: 500€/person; 340€/person for a group of 2
  • Pack of 20 lessons: 950€/person; 600€/person for a group of 2
  • Group of 3 persons or more: estimate upon request
  • Conversation with French people: 1 meeting of 1.5 hours: 110€ ; pack of 3 meetings of 1.5 hours: 300€