cours français montpellier

Sophie Véricel

director and teacher

I created this school in 2008 because, after a long career abroad, I wanted to propose a different pedagogical concept to foreigners who want to learn French or improve their level in France. 

I received a diploma in FLE (French as a foreign language) in 1991, and then spent nearly 20 years abroad teaching French in extremely varied contexts in terms of countries and types of students. I taught in Hungary, Bolivia, Israel, and Denmark; I worked for Instituts Français, Alliances Françaises, universities, and international companies. I met lovers of the French language, UN diplomats, NGO personnel, future French teachers, businessmen, and university students.... The contact with all these cultures was an amazing experience in pedagogical and culture diversity. Méditerranez-vous is the fruit of this experience. 

Since returning to France, I've worked full time on Méditerranez-vous. I teach most of the courses personally, because teaching remains my favorite occupation!


cours français france

The teachers

I've recruited a team of teachers who teach different courses, depending on their specialties. 

I chose them because they have the qualities that good teachers should have:

  • they have a degree in French as a foreign language, because only (or practically only!) university provides structuring for the theoretical and didactic reflection at the basis of the profession;
  • they are motivated, because they must want to pass on knowledge; 
  • they are rigorous and structured in their teaching, because the learning of a language is built up step by step;
  • they are dynamic and have a sense of humor, because students learn well only when they have pleasure;
  • they have experience of living abroad and of learning foreign languages, because having been faced with cultural diversity oneself is a plus for teaching one's language to foreigners.


apprendre français montpellier

Outside contributors

Meeting and exchanging with French people are an integral part of the Méditerranez-vous courses. These people are not teachers; they are people who will help you practice "real-life" French and to familiarize yourself with different types of accents, ways of speaking, and vocabulary.

For example, you may meet:

  • the artist Agathe Catel (her website here)
  • a social worker
  • an elected representative
  • an architect
  • a wine grower
  • a policeman
  • a political or NGO activist
  • a school teacher
  • a baker
cours français immersion

Your accommodation hosts

Your second teachers! I recommend that you live at the home of a French person in order to take full advantage of your linguistic and cultural stay in Montpellier. That way, you'll have the occasion to continue to speak French outside the classes and to experience total immersion in French culture.

I've carefully selected your hosts, so that everything goes well during your stay. They all want their guests to discover their culture and their daily life... and to find out about yours. They all like welcoming foreigners in their homes and will love talking with you.   


cours français restaurant

The restaurant owners

That's right, because you'll eat lunch with your teacher in local, authentic little restaurants. Isn't that the best way to understand local culture and to continue to speak French in a friendly atmosphere?

I've selected several restaurants for you, not only based on the quality of their cuisine and their reasonable prices, but also because they represent a certain French art de vivre. They'll know how to give you a liking for French cuisine... of the Mediterranean variety, of course.


The concept