The Méditerranez-vous concept

real-life immersion in French culture

apprendre français jardin

In a typically French house

  • A school on a human scale, with only 2 classes
  • A small house with a garden (with classes in the garden as soon as weather is nice)
  • In the center of Montpellier, in an "authentic"  neighborhood
  • A warm atmosphere, with coffee, tea served during the break

cours français vin cuisine

With an original concept: speaking "real-life" French  

  • Classes are held not only at the school.
  • In the afternoons, your teacher will take you to meet all sorts of French (a street-based youth educator, a musician, an organic farmer, a youth from a disadvantaged neighborhood, and activist, an architect, a baker, the neighbor), you'll talk about their job with them, their passions, their ideas... 
  • These times of "real-life" exchanges will then be re-worked the next day in class, from the point of view of vocabulary and grammar.
  • This way, you'll learn how to really communicate in French.
  • Thanks to them, you'll understand current French society and culture better.

cours français Montpellier

To teach you how to express yourself orally

  • Courses based on practical exercises in oral comprehension and expression
  • Backed up by grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, and written exercises
  • French in context:  you won't practice grammar just to do grammar; you'll practice grammar to be able to communicate better...
  • And to make progress faster. 

cours français restaurant professeur

By going to restaurants with your teacher

  • All the courses include lunches with your teacher and the group. 
  • Another opportunity to speak French during a fun time together



In small groups of about 5 students per class

  • Because each person learns differently
  • The teacher can direct attention to each of you. 
  • You have more speaking time. 


cours français famille cuisine

Homestay accommodation

With the "immersion" method, you can live at the home of a French person. Méditerranez-vous has a network of hosts who will give you a warm welcome and be pleased to share their lives and their everyday experiences. From self-catering  to a homestay with full  immersion, you have a wide range of possibilities to live out your French experience the way you want.

The team

cours de français didactique

And more about the concept? 

Here are some documents I wrote related to the "philosophy" of  Méditerranez-vous:

  • Didactic basis of the courses
  • Learning a foreign language [pdf]
  • Tourism [pdf]
  • Article on the music band Zebda, University of Strathclyde, United Kingdom, 2005: Analysis of a French music-band's vocalist's pronunciation: a step towards a sub-cultural phenomenon[pdf]
  • Final thesis of my Mlitt in Cultural Studies, University of Strathclyde, United Kingdom, 2006: Speaking Strange: Discourses and Representations of Danish as a Second Language[pdf]
  • French literature Master's thesis, Université Montpellier III, France, 1989 : La question de l'identité dans Le soleil des indépendances d'Ahmadou Kourouma
  • Report on internship at the middle school Les Garrigues-Montpellier, for my Master's degree in French as a Foreign Language (FLE), Université Montpellier III, France, 1991: Le FLE comme voie d'intégration des primo-arrivants.
  • Article, University of Strathclyde, United Kingdom, 2005: Representations of Globalization among Danish and French People[pdf]