online French courses for interpreters

Weekly group courses for interpreters
with French as a B or a C language

Courses description

Méditerranez-vous has been offering immersive French courses for interpreters in Montpellier for many years. 

The online French courses for interpreters are adapted from our Immersion Courses for Interpreters.

They are aimed exclusively at interpreters with a minimum B2/C1 level for French C, and C1/C2 level for French B.

Each teacher-led Zoom class requires a minimum of an hour’s individual preparation:  you get 2 hours of effective French practice for the price of 1.

Course content
Professional French courses

The goal of the French courses for interpreters are to enhance your command of French for professional purposes.

Above all, they aim to expand your knowledge of specific thematic terminology (agriculture, health, environment, politics, security, etc.) and of speech structure (French-style rhetoric).

Specific clarifications on grammar or phonetics will be provided, according to your needs.

And, of course, the socio-cultural dimension of the language is tackled through looking at how society functions, or key values (the Republic, secularism, schooling).

2 different French courses 
French C: work is focused on increasing your oral understanding with comprehension exercises based on authentic texts (from radio, TV, social networks, speeches).

French B: work is focused on increasing your speaking abilities with activities based on reformulation, summarising, and speech articulation.

Online French courses for interpreters



  • C language :
    B2 minimum
  • B language :
    C1 minimum


1  to 3 lessons/week


course duration

As you wish : you start when you want, you finish when you want 



French B language
 Wenesday: 17.00-18.30

French C language
Monday: 10.30-12.00
Tuesday 13.00-14.30
Thursday : 16.30-18.00



3 to 6 students


Course Price

1 leçon :
Pack 5 leçons :
Pack 10 leçons :


ONLINE FRENCH COURSES for interpreters


  • October 2 – December 15, 2023
  • January 8 – June 21, 2024
  • September 30-December 20, 2024

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